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.:: sAsA Call World ::.
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.:: sAsA Call World ::.

Open the .:: sAsA Call World ::. app on your mobile phone, log in using your Voip username and password and start saving on your monthly calling charges right away!!

.:: sAsA Call World ::. provides you the cheapest international calling rates available! Another incredible feature is that you can talk for FREE with other       *sAsA Call World* users. (Pc-2-PC) (Pc-2-Smart Phone) (Smart Phone-2-Pc) (Smart Phone-2-Smart Phone).

.:: sAsA Call World ::. is the answer if you are looking for extremely cheap international calls combined with high quality! It's easy to use, and enables you to talk internationally at local rates within minutes.

By using .:: sAsA Call World ::. you get:- .:: The cheapest international calling rates, .:: The best call quality, .:: An easy to use program.

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Designed it's Reseller Channel Partner Program To Meet Your Specific Needs As A Reseller Of VoIP solutions


.:: By becoming a local reseller you can set up your own business by selling

    VoIP credit to our customers and to customers of your own.

    As a local reseller you can sell credit to users of all sAsA Call World products.

.:: No Hidden Fees, .:: PINless Dialing, .:: Balance Never Expire,

.:: Minute Rounding, .:: 100% Quality Guarantee

.:: With sAsA Call World you can save huge amounts of money on your calls to         landlines and mobile phones in India!


.:: Our reseller panel offers your business the opportunity to :-

.:: Create your own rate sheets, .:: Create your own sub customers,

.:: Receive online payments from customers.

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